a photo series by Conor Bond

The thing that striked me the most about Tangier was the colour. The light seemed to reflect more colour into my eyes, and the hues seemed to be more intense and vivid. Everything seemed more intense. The smells of the incredible vibrant food, the resounding noises of busy markets and the calls to prayer. The messy sprawl of winding roads were always busy and moving at such a fast pace. It was impossible not to feel like a tourist. Without a guide it is only too easy to lose yourself in the Kasbah. However losing yourself at points definitely has its benefits…


I stumbled upon a small cafe built into the edge of a rock. It overlooked the sparkling blue water and it was full to the brim with locals. Other than the view however, I’ll forever remember it for the food. I ordered what the man next to me was eating - a beautiful aromatic and succulent tagine. That deep fragrant taste will stay with me for a long time. As will the colourful fragrant memories.